Episode 6: Spark Your Revolution with Astrology

by | Nov 18, 2022

Revolution starts within by choosing to do something out of your comfort zone to dismantle and decolonize the systemic shoulds and beliefs that hold you back from your highest potential. Our world is rife with a multitude of these limiting and oppressive stories to heal, and your natal astrology shows you exactly where you’re meant to break free of past patterns of oppression and exactly which energies you are meant to stretch into to reach your highest potential. In this episode I’ll share with you, the astrology keys that keep you comfortable (and stuck) in past patterns, the keys you need to stretch into and the two things you need to support you on your inner and outer revolution… choice and community. You can choose to go alone, and you won’t go fast nor far. A revolution takes community, your people that support and witness you on this healing journey. Take a listen to this episode where I dive into how you can spark your own revolution using astrology and get a special invitation into Star Powered™ Circle.

In this episode:

  • Definition of a revolution
  • What gets in the way of sparking your inner revolution
  • How to spark your revolution using astrology
  • How to continue to ignite that revolution
    Your special invite as a founding luminary in Star Powered™ Circle

Definition of a Revolution

  • Revolutions in Astrology can point to a cycle of time like when a planet returns to the same position
  • Uranus, the planet of revolution is about changing perspectives, awakening, and innovating.
  • When we choose revolution, it’s to awaken and gain a new perspective.
  • And while changemakers like yourself are here to revolutionize something in the world to make it a better and more just place, that revolution starts with you!
  • Changemakers, are people that won’t or can’t work in conventional jobs or industries. Or they do and they are breaking old systems from within. People that want to create the future they want to see create a socially, economically, environmentally sound, and just world. Maybe you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, activist, community organizer, philanthropist or healer. You are a changemaker here to spark a revolution.
  • But to revolutionize the world starts with revolutionizing yourself.
  • I spoke that to be a star-powered luminary, it is to be lit from within, operate at your highest potential, be a leader and do the inner work of healing simultaneously – and of course using astrology to direct your way.

What gets in the way of sparking your inner revolution

  • Fear of the unknown, Stuck in old stories/beliefs (societal, cultural, familial, experiential)
  • Karma planets – show us the gifts we can easily fall back on. But the sense of security from these planets keeps us from moving toward our highest potential
  • Dharma planets like the Sun so often easy to dismiss
  • When we dismiss it’s a sign of entitlement or ungratefulness
  • We don’t acknowledge or use our true gifts, it’s like giving a middle finger to the Universe
  • Especially for the Water Sun peeps, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The emotional, intuitive labor that is a superpower, is simply not valued by our culture and society. So as a changemaker, we are here to claim and own our power and express the value of intuition, holding space for healing and compassion. Without this emotional connection,
  • Remember, emotions will make or break or break your ability to make decisions and take actions based on faith vs fear.
  • Fire, air, water, earth –  To manifest and take practical earth-bound action is based on how you feel.
  • Are you making decisions based on fear or faith?

How to spark that revolution using astrology

  • Knowing the energies that need to be innovated, amplified, and radiated in your leadership
  • At the same time, dismantling, decolonizing, and acknowledging and healing the things that keep us from radiating at our highest potential.
  • It starts with a choice to do something differently.
  • It starts with choice after choice after choice

How to continue to ignite that revolution

  • But going at it alone doesn’t allow you to go far or fast.
  • To spark your revolution you need a community
  • People to support and witness you on your healing journey
  • Experts to guide you to make decisions that are for your highest
  • Peers to cocreate and collaborate with
  • And fans and clients that know you are designed to serve them.

Your Special Invitation to Star Powered™ Circle

Know and confidently express who you really are and your expertise in your Work by decolonizing your mindset and revealing your true identity through astrology.

Find your people on the same journey where inner healing and outer leadership happen simultaneously by impacting and inspiring others to change as you lead by example.

Work in harmony with the cosmos by leading by your chart and tuning in to your celestial cycles to amplify your resonance and magnetism that allows you to leave your mark.

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