Episode 58: Taurus Lunar Eclipse – From Deserving to Worthy with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

by | Oct 25, 2023

How can I unlock my financial trauma? This is a question I often get from business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone trying to make more money in their Work. Financial trauma is deeply woven into almost all of our experiences and it expresses itself through this idea of deserving. And if you feel like you aren’t deserving, which is most everyone, how this manifests in over-delivering, underpricing, hiding, not spending, over-spending and oh so much more. With this Taurus Lunar Eclipse being all about abundance and the beliefs of lack and deserving that we are now emotionally ready to heal, I decided to bring on Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Financial Therapist and speaker, to chat about the profound impact on our sense of worthiness and financial well-being.

In this powerful episode we:

  • Define deserving and it’s significance
  • Note ways financial trauma can hinder personal growth
  • Provide insights to help you identify and overcome financial obstacles
  • Reveal the astrology of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse to gain cosmic guidance
  • Connect the dots toward post-traumatic growth that helps us on our financial journey

Meet Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a biracial financial therapist, speaker, podcaster, and author. As the first financial therapist in Michigan, she combines financial literacy with money’s emotional and psychological side. With a background in clinical social work, she saw a gap in how financial stressors were treated and paved the way to help people look at the intersection of their mental and emotional wellness and money. She’s passionate about helping millennials and Gen Zers learn how to get their mind and money in balance in a shame-free and empathy-first way.

Where She Stands Lindsay uses a feminist, intersectional, and anti-racism stance in her brand. She believes that mental health and money intersect with politics, race, and gender.

Connect with Lindsay

Post-Traumatic Growth

Here’s the excerpt on post-traumatic growth from a blog post that Lindsay wrote on money trauma: Post-traumatic growth (PTG) is the process of resilience that helps a person recovering from trauma to expand their ability to function and find meaning in life. In 2004, researchers Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun found that PTG occurs in many people who’ve experienced trauma.

There are currently seven different areas of post-traumatic growth:

  • Greater appreciation of life
  • Elevating and strengthening close relationships
  • Fostering increased compassion toward self and empathy for others
  • Discovery of life’s possibilities or a renewed sense of purpose
  • Increased ability to honor personal strengths
  • Enhanced spiritual growth and exploration
  • Growth in creative expression, inspiration, and consumption

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus 5°

Leaving Scarcity Behind – Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus 5° at 1:24 PM PT | 4:24 PM ET. This year’s Full Moon Taurus is a partial lunar eclipse, a Full Moon amped up a few notches, so you can bring to light and resolve Taurean themes around worthiness, value, money and sustainability.

Eclipse seasons are renowned for shaking things up, throwing wild cards into the mix, and revealing more layers of reality that you are meant to resolve over the next 6 months. With this Taurus lunar eclipse, ripe with planetary face offs, you are being asked to make a few bold choices that continue the letting go theme you’ve started a month ago with the Aries Full Moon. On this letting go journey you are ready to recognize and resolve how scarcity mindset and lack still permeate your life and Work.

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are all involved in the planetary face off adding to the vibe allowing you to stand up for your rights, speak up for your worth, and release limiting self beliefs. This is an elevated energetic and emotional time, don’t hold back, as it’s in the expression of these energies where you can excavate these deeply held beliefs around your worthiness.

RITUAL: Because this is a Taurus Moon, you know you are here to move your body, shake it, stomp it, spin it, throw it alllll out until you feel clear and energetically light in your mind and body.

If you live in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this red moon.

Lunar Eclipse Reflections

  • Aries / Libra Risings: (1h/7H)  Let go of likes, or the need for outside validation.
    Celebrate the worthiness of your sincerest self.
  • Taurus / Scorpio Risings: (12H/6H) Let go of overcommitting.
    Celebrate the boundaries you have put in place so you can create abundance from your filled cup.
  • Gemini / Sagittarius Risings:(11H/5H) Let go of the “shoulds.”
    Celebrate finding your own way and value so you are more aligned with what pleases you.
  • Cancer /Capricorn Risings:(10H/4H) Let go of micromanaging.
    Celebrate that you delegate and allow everyone to bring their best selves therefore increasing profit.
  • Leo / Aquarius Risings:(9H/3H) Let go of avoiding tough decisions..
    Celebrate that you are clear in your communication and you devalue your thoughts or opinions.
  • Virgo /Pisces Risings: (8H/2H) Let go of underpricing.
    Celebrate how much skill and time you have put into your craft and reflect that in how you value yourself.

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