Episode 73: Taurus: Your Power to Add Value and Build Prosperity in Your Business

by | Apr 28, 2021

How do you feel about adding value to your customers and investing in the things that you value in your business? In today’s episode, I’ll be taking a deep dive into Taurus, the energy you need to build prosperity in your business. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you may have wounds about knowing your own value, how to express it, and how you are meant to contribute that back into the world.  I’ll show you how to look at Taurus energy in your chart to up your value. Are you ready to step into more prosperity?

In this episode:

  • What is Taurus (8:22)
  • Why Taurus is important in your business (17:24)
  • What happens when you don’t use your Taurus energy (19:14)
  • Ways to unlock Taurus in your brand (23:24 )
  • Taurus by the Planets (25:54)
  • Taurus by the Houses (32:56)

What is the Taurus Archetype?

  • Earthy and patient
  • Fixed
  • Polarity: Scorpio (power/trust)
  • Symbol: The bull – and the womb
  • Traditional astrology: The farm that we live on (provides for the family and community, a place of legacy)
  • Ruling Planet Venus: attraction, connection, beauty
  • Exalted Planet: Moon
  • Peace, comfort, pleasure, money, material resources, building wealth, value, worthiness, pleasure seeker
  • Mantra “I MANIFEST”
  • Meaning of Taurus in our Business and brands
    • Seeing your value and contribution – your worth and prosperity to bring into the world
    • Your enoughness and deservingness to feel prosperous and retain wealth
    • Your physical resources to thrive on Mother Earth
    • Sales and offers
    • Value and contributions
    • Profits and earned assets
    • Build net worth
  • Rules the 2H in Business
    • Your value and worthiness
    • The value of your offering (the true reason people buy from you)
    • Your ability to earn and prosper
    • Your material possessions

Why it’s important to understand the Taurus Archetype?

We need Taurus in our business!

  • To build physical security – we all deserve to live abundantly
  • To know that we have and are enough – to contribute back and share
  • To recognize our value – what do we have to contribute
  • To build wealth
  • To create the legacy – the farm

What happens when you don’t use the Taurus Archetype?

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Taurus:

  • Sins of money and greed
  • Over consumerism, hoarding of resources
  • Over indulgence

All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies:

  • We don’t feel pleasure (there is a reason why tantric teachings link pleasure to creative force and prosperity)
  • We don’t appreciate what we have, including being able to see the value in our talents and offerings
  • We don’t feel worthy, deserving or loveable
  • We don’t have a sense of physical security

Abundance is a spiritual birthright

  • One that comes from a place of reciprocity
  • Taking what we need
  • Sharing and contributing back
  • Building wealth and legacy but not at the expense of taking from others
  • Appreciating what we have – VENUS

Ways to unlock the Taurus Archetype in your Biz

  • Strong Taurus (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Venus on the Rising / MH)
  • Taurus on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to build prosperity and physical security
  • Taurus wounds
    • Interceptions, chiron and Karmic energies
  • Taurus by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use
  • Venus by the sign

Taurus Archetype by House

The area in your business you have the most energy to build prosperity

1H: Brand Identity that builds wealth for others so I can enjoy life
2H: Offering that transforms the financial lives of my soul customers
3H: Message that expresses the financial gain of my offerings
4H: Offering that increases my ability to provide financially for my family
5h: experiences and investments that allow me to invest in creative, fun pursuits
6H: Day-to-day systems and automations that enable me to work and earn more.
7H: Partnerships with other manifestors that enable both parties to build wealth.
8H: Efforts and contributions of other people’s money and resources that support you
9H: Spiritual and philosophical adventures that allow you to build material wealth
10H: Primary mission to archive status and wealth that elevates my professional expertise
11H: Monetized community and platform that supports humanitarian efforts
12H: Charitable opportunities so that others may feel stable and secure.

Taurus Archetype by Planet

The energy you have to build steady value and contribute your worth

This is a gift that you must use with responsibility.

Sun: I am an embodiment of creative worthiness and value
Moon: I need physical security and to heal my money stories to receive wealth
Rising: I lead by enjoying what I have and earned
Mercury: I communicate how to simply build income and wealth
Venus: I attract and appreciate valuable resources
Mars: I am driven by money and achieve prosperity
Jupiter: I expand my personal finances with a focus on practicality
Saturn: I sustain and preserve my wealth with a focus on saving
Uranus (2019 – 2026): I evolve to create financial freedom
Chiron: I recognize my deep money wounds and share what I have learned
North Node: I stretch into prosperity and building wealth
South Node: I fall back on what I know about being secure

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