Episode 50: Virgo New Moon – Reimagining a New Beginning

by | Sep 10, 2023

This Leo New Moon asks you to plant the seeds to confidently shine brighter with presence in your Work and to embrace, know and create your joy in your life and Work for Radiance. In this episode I touch upon the concept of how your presence and influence is what is need to exude radiance so that you can use your unique superpower to positively impact others. With our Venus Retrograde so close to this Leo new moon, you’ve been exploring what pleasure cultivates your magnetism and shine in the World. That’s YOUR radiance!In this episode:

  • Leo your power to shine brightly
  • Radiating your superpowers and joy
  • Astrology of the Leo New Moon
  • Leo New Moon personalizations

New Moon Virgo 21°

Reimagining A New Beginning – New Moon Virgo 21° at 6:40 PM PT | 9:40 PM ET. The New Moon in Virgo is super charged in an Earth Grand Trine with Uranus and Pluto inviting us to breakdown and break through in your healing. What ever has felt incomplete or missing in your mind, body, or Spirit, you can call this back knowing that you, your values, your consciousness and your heart are now in alignment. All of the planetary medicine that you have and now are going through has prepared you for this moment. BTW, all planets except for Mars has recently or are currently in retrograde!!!

As you approach this fertile Virgo New Moon – pour your vision for wellness of your body, your business, your people’s, your water, your land, and your home planet – Mother Earth.

This is the New Beginning, you have reignited your heart-led values, you have realigned your actions and thoughts, you have broken down what you need to release, and you have awakened to what is possible.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies

  • New Moon trine Uranus Rx Taurus – Break through
  • New Moon opposite Neptune – Unity, consciousness
  • New Moon trine Pluto Rx Virgo – Break Down
  • Earth Grand Trine: New Moon / Uranus / Pluto AND Sun / Uranus / Pluto – A new beginning
  • Ruled by MRx in home sign – Venus square Jupiter Rx (3rd time)

Virgo New Moon Ritual Personalizations for Changemakers

Today I plant the seeds to build equitable, upleveled practices that allow me to serve others through my Work’s:

Aries (or 6H): Effective and daily routines that heal self and others
Taurus (or 5H): Joy and embodied practices for nervous system soothing
Gemini (or 4H): Integrated private spaces for soul and leadership alignment
Cancer (or 3H): Step-by-step communications that activate your social causes
Leo (or 2H): Holistic values that spark your social causes
Virgo (or 1H): Daily leadership practices that uplevels your ultimate mission
Libra (or 12H): Restoration of compassionate and empathetic practices that uplevels transformation
Scorpio (or 11H): Socio-environmental impact that uplevels your soul customers
Sagittarius (or 10H): Organized, responsibility-driven mission in my work
Capricorn (or 9H): Purposeful wellness that that revolutionizes play and joy
Aquarius (or 8H): Diagnosis of past experiences to eliminate what’s no longer needed for inner peace
Pisces (or 7H): Organic partnerships to share and teach a revolutionary message

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