Episode 73: Why Astrology For Leadership – Why You Are Born To Lead

by | Feb 13, 2024

We are living at a time that the faces of leadership are changing. Where people desire authentic leaders. Those that have turned their difficulties into learning lessons and challenges into opportunities.Those that have leaned on others for support and have learned collaboration and co-creation. These leaders are here to build and share power – together. We are building a future that requires each and everyone to step up and lead, in our own, vulnerable, courageous, star-charted way. In this episode, I share my insights and experiences on how I founded my AstroBrand® Method and that your intrinsic leadership is written in the stars, a journey of awakening, accepting and becoming. Your soul chose a specific time to be born that cast your path, purpose how you are meant make an impact. Your soul chose you to lead – in your way.

In this episode:

  • North Node Chiron Conjunction
  • Why you are born to lead
  • Why you need a brand a change maker
  • What is a brand
  • Why astrology for leadership and branding
  • What is the AstroBrand® Method?

Why astrology for branding

At the time you took your first breath, from that exact location on Earth, the stars and planets were cast in a specific alignment. An energetic imprint like no one else’s. A frequency that evolves in its own rhythm and cycles. A journey your soul chose to walk. Encoded in this energy is your path of making a difference, service to others and authentic recognition.

Your birth chart is a specific and unique view of YOU… your strengths, values, purpose, mission, vision, the audience for whom you are designed to serve, and the impact you are born to make. The more you know and become yourself from this vantage point, the more you attract the opportunities and people waiting for you.

Leveraging astrology as a strategic, precise, branding tool is a no-guess way for you to develop a brand position, voice and style that reflects the highest vision of you and your change-making Work.

Learn more about my AstroBrand® Method Here

Why you need a brand as a change maker

If you want to make a difference and leave your mark that impacts many, you need recognition, visibility, memorability, credibility and trust. All parts of a brand. Your brand is how you will differentiate yourself from others so that your people can find you. A strong brand will be able to influence others to take action and put attention on you as a thought leader. And a well developed brand voice will allow you to lead with your values, motivate people with your purpose, drive people with your mission and inspire people with your vision of the future. Your brand works for you to showcase your superpowers and credibility so you can make the positive impact you were born for.

What is a brand?

A brand as a whole is a distinct identity associated with a product, service, organization or individual. A brand goes way beyond just a logo or name. It encompasses the overall perception, reputation and emotional connection your people have with your Work. Your brand takes up space in the hearts of those you serve. It is the memorable impression you leave on your people. Your brand is the presence that leaves its mark even when you’re not there. To foster a profound emotional connection with your audience, understanding yourself is essential. A brand comprises three integral parts: a brand position that sets you apart in your field, a brand voice that communicates and connects with your audience in a unique manner, and a brand style, combining your visual identity (including your logo) with your distinctive approach to your work. This signature style is exclusive to your brand. Your brand can be a true reflection of YOU if you use astrology to guide your way. There is no one in the world that has the same birth chart as you. So why not let your stars guide the way as you shape and develop your brand?

The foundational step to a brand is your positioning. Brand positioning distinguishes you from others in your industry by defining what you do like no other, why you do what you do, how you do it and for whom you are designed to serve.

Written In the Stars LIVE 2024!

AstroBrand® Written In the Stars

To maximize this energy, I am acting on my quest to CHANGE THE FACES OF LEADERSHIP (not only my theme of the year, but our business vision).

Mark your calendars because I’m teaching LIVE for the first time in 2 years, Written in the Stars for 5 days, February 26-March 1. Written In The Stars is my foundational AstroBrand® training where I teach you to read your natal chart from an inner awakening and outward leadership way.

I show you the:

  • Zodiacal archetypes: their leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Houses: areas they symbolize in your life and brand/business
  • Planets: the processes they rule that help you market, sell, lead and more
  • Aspects: the relationships between planets that show how they activate

This is the first step to taking any other training in my entire AstroBrand® Library or Certification.

So if you’re being called to find your enoughness so you can make the difference you are BORN to make, this is your chance this year to take this course LIVE with me.

In March, I’ll also be teaching live, the next step, Star Powered Position where we will uncover your WHAT, WHY, HOW and for WHOM of your brand and leadership so you can build a solid foundation that makes your mark.

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