Episode 3: Connecting Your Inner Healing and Outward Success with Astrology

by | Oct 30, 2022

I’m on a podcast roll and have another episode that I’d like to share with you. The eclipse seasons really crack me open to inspiration and our recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse in alignment with a business retreat sparked deep realizations and abundant creation.

These eclipses, they are such great landmarks if you are paying attention to the signs. I remember that in April and May of last year, in the middle of my pullback from the podcast and Work, I needed to go inwards and was shown that I wasn’t fully owning my greatness. Deflecting recognition, dismissing my thought leadership, and pretty much disregarding the unique way I view astrology.

So this eclipse season, the same themes came back and I was able to dig into the roots (thanks, Scorpio) to really come face to face with my feelings of unimportance, apprehension and inadequacy.

It was powerful to come face to face with these painful feelings because I was able to feel into them, acknowledge them, thank them for protecting me and now dive heart first into the courage of the uncertainty to claim my BFD-ness.

I suspect you’ve had a similar realization if you reflect back for just a moment over the last few weeks.

With this inner integration, magic poured forth and I want to share this with you!

It’s not that we have to be healed to do the thing. It’s by doing the thing that we heal!

Take a listen to the whole story:

❤️ How to heal and contribute at the same time
❤️ How astrology shows you the way to your inner and outer journey
❤️ How astrology repeats you your signature themes of healing
❤️ How astrology directs your highest potentials in your Work

As a result of connecting all the dots between the inner spiritual journey and outward leadership expression using astrology, I’d like to invite you to a brand new masterclass Radiate: Activating the Luminary Leader within. I want to show you how to use astrology to ignite healing and leadership in your changemaking Work.

Join me for Radiate: Activating the Luminary Leader Within

Moonday November 14, 2022 12p Pacific / 3p Eastern


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