Episode 17: March Biz StarCast – The Month That Defines 2023

by | Feb 28, 2023

This is the month that defines 2023. It’s full speed ahead in March. Vast energy shifts with 7 planetary shifts (including the juggernauts of the sky, Saturn moving into Pisces and Pluto moving into Aquarius), all planets going direct, and days with bursts of energetic changes, powerful lunations with the Virgo Full Moon and our first of two Aries New Moons this is your month to initiate, activate and launch!

In this episode:

  • Get ready to center yourself in stillness
  • Release fear with self-compassion
  • Saturn enters Pisces minutes after the Full Moon
  • Pluto enters Aquarius
  • March Equinox and the Aries New Moon at 0º

March 2023 Biz StarCast

Activate your Initiation

This is the month that defines 2023. It’s full speed ahead in March. Vast energy shifts with 7 planetary shifts (2 massive), all planets going direct, and days with explosions of energy changes, this is your month to launch!

This is the month where when you look back, you’ll know this was the catalyst, where you are asked to fill your heart with self-compassion and faith as you face the future. There is no turning back.

The two shifts that define all of 2023, not only both power hitters of the sky, Saturn and Pluto shift into different signs. And oh goodness, is it a sign!

A sign of a new era, a sign of a new collective energy moving, full speed ahead. While we won’t fully arrive into this new era until 2024 when Pluto stops vacillating between Aquarius and Capricorn, in March we step through the threshold towards the future.

In the first full week of March on March 7 we have our Virgo Full Moon + Saturn Moving into Pisces, joining Mercury, Sun and Neptune.

In the second week of March, we experience an Aries stellium adding fuel to start your fires. Both benefics, Venus and Jupiter plus Mercury meet up with Chiron the wounded healer, gifts you amplified value from your personal healing. Then Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus.

As we move to the third week, we receive the Equinox, a powerful Aries New Moon at Aries 0º and Pluto moving into Aquarius, all within 72 hours! Another key that points to this is a new beginning.

In the span of 4 weeks, the cosmos will feel entirely different. The shock and aftershocks of the last few years lay fresh mulch for the groundwork you are now to begin mastering to spark both your intuition and initiation.

We are now in the cosmic transitional space between here and there. Stay centered in the vortex of all this cosmic energy swirling. There is stillness there so you can keep moving at your own direction and initiation.

The world will never be the same after this month.

This is the time you’ve been waiting for. Put away the procrastination, put away the fears, and take that leap of faith into the future!

March Cosmic Shifts:


  • Full Moon Virgo 16° (Mar 7)
  • New Moon Aries 0° (Mar 21)

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