Episode 5 – Own Your Star Power like Goddess Cecilia Villero

by | Nov 11, 2022

Are you owning your Star Powers? To own your star powers is to first understand your chart and the unique strengths that are meant to radiate from within. Then to acknowledge the tender parts you are meant to heal, and then to confidently express that “no one else does this like I do”. Today, I chat with Goodness Cecilia Villero, who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year in 2 AstroBrand™ trainings. I witnessed her making big leaps to step into her own star powers shortly after working together. I wanted her to share her journey with you, in her own words as she unearthed and overcame obstacles that stood in her way of owning her unique identity and value. And as a result, the courageous changes she made in her life and work so that she could lead by her chart!

Meet Cecilia Villero, aka Goddess Cecilia

Cecilia Villero, aka Goddess CeciliaCecilia Villero, aka Goddess Cecilia, is a Filipina Pleasure Educator & Consultant who believes that even though 95% of the ocean remains unexplored, your pleasure doesn’t have to be. She truly believes that we are Mer-Made for Pleasure, even though the traumas and injustices of this world try to disconnect us from our inner joy and curiosity. Pleasure is power and worthiness. Pleasure is healing and expansive. Pleasure is a right and a revolution.

With the Mermaid Goddess as your Pleasure Guide, you can boldly navigate the ebbs and flows, confidently voice your desires, and reconnect to your sensual and sexual sovereignty. Dive Deeper, Get Raw, and Reclaim Pleasure.

In addition to providing accurate, affirming sexuality and pleasure information through workshops, private consultations, and personal practices, her projects include Dive Deeper, a video series that explores a wide range of sexuality topics; Voula the Vulva and Vulva/BodyCrafts, an anatomically correct display that can be featured during workshops and events; and the Raw Bar podcast, where she opens up a dialogue and encourages difficult conversations about various sexuality topics. If you’re particularly in her favor and follow her @GoddessCecilia on most social media platforms, you’ll get to see a flick of her tail as she drops some pearls of wisdom.

Join me for Radiate: Activating the Luminary Leader Within

Moonday November 14, 2022,  @ 12p Pacific / 3p Eastern

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