Episode 70: Pluto enters Aquarius: (R)evolution of Social Power

by | Jan 19, 2024

On a global level, Pluto will dig deeper into dismantling all the ways Aquarius archetypes have dipped into the shadows of hyper innovation like high tech bro culture, hyper-differentiation like warring against the other or alien and the hidden truths of hyper connectivity.

And while each one of us is part of this collective, each one of us will experience this Pluto transit in a one-of-a-kind way. So what does this mean for you, as an individual wanting to re-align themselves with the highest ideals of Aquarius, community, friendship, and humanity.

In this episode:

  • Power of Pluto in Aquarius for the collective
  • Aquarius Archetype of shared social values and participating in community
  • How to best use this energy to guide you for the next 20 years
  • Who will have the most transformation

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01/20 – Empowering a new hope – Sun conjunct Pluto at 5:46 AM PT | 8:46 AM ET AND Sun enters Aquarius at 6:07 AM PT | 9:07 AM ET. AND Pluto enters Aquarius at 4:50 PM PT | 7:50 PM ET Talk about a massive day ripe with shifts of change. It is quite literally a day of new beginnings. First, welcome to Aquarius season! And the Mercury Rx cycle is officially over as Mercury leaves the shadow zone. This is a time to create the future now. A time to renew your vision of the future and share that with your larger communities.

But even bigger energy, the Sun and Pluto meet up in the sky in Capricorn mere minutes before the sun and pluto both move into Aquarius today starting a profound new Pluto cycle. The Significance of this is a new cycle of empowerment, it’s a new cycle of power of the people, a new cycle of power of freedom on individuality. This is a massive new beginning for all of humanity. What is your part? What role are you going to play? Because your individual part matters, it matters to progress the entire collective. Every single person has the power to create change.

Your people will connect to you when you share your unique social values and the future you want to create. Do not underestimate the power of a shared dream of humanity. Aquarius season is a time of deep change, and with Pluto moving into Aquarius long-term, note the energy of this cycle as it will continue to build over the next 20 years. Social equity, humanitarian ideals and collective resourcing will be the norm, not the outlier in the next few years.

Pluto, the mighty dwarf planet leaves Capricorn where he’s spent the last 15 some years breaking down systems of oppression and now will test his might in Aquarius.

Pluto’s process is a complete process of death and rebirth. A phoenix rising from the ashes. A caterpillar in a chrysalis that emerges as a brilliant butterfly. Pluto is the flames purifying the phoenix to make it magnificent. Pluto is the mystery that happens in the chrysalis that utterly transforms to make it fly. Now what exactly is happening in those flames? In that chrysalis?

  • Does the creature going through the transformation feel pain?
  • Does the creature resist the transformation not knowing the outcome?

Or does the creature trust in the process, trusting the empowerment it is to receive?

This is Pluto.

Pluto will transform the Aquarian shadows that need to come to light in our collective. And for you, whatever house Pluto transits, is where he will do his deep dive transformation. Remember, this is not to be feared if you can trust in the empowerment that is the result.

When Pluto was last in Aquarius from 1778 – 1798, it was a time of global revolution. The French Revolution, the American Civil War to name just a few. Societies breaking free from the injustices of imperial rule to create more equity.

Pluto reveals truths that need to be transformed to build trust and power for social equity, the future, and humanity.

He will dip back into 29° Capricorn from September – November 2024, to complete his work breaking down oppressive institutionalized systems and colonial mindsets that keep you from your own inner authority.

You can see we are at a precipice in humanity. It will take each and every one of us to intentionally choose deep transformation.

I’m not one to make predictions as to what will happen over the next 20 years but the energy is ripe for even more social change and empowerment. You get to choose where you will take your stand. Will you freeze in fear and go under? Or will you face your fears and be empowered?

May we all choose hope, change, equity, and social impact in our Work.

➡️ What change do you want to be in your community and society?

For all the Aquarian Luminaries, the most free and innovative solar return (birthday) to you.

Have the Sun in Aquarius natally?

With your Sun in Aquarius you radiate change and are radically one-of-a-kind. You are here to separate from the norm while building communities of belonging for those that have the same misfits as you. There is nothing traditional about you, as you shapeshift between communities and cultures.

You belong everywhere and nowhere at once, but this is your gift. Because you don’t see things like the rest, you radiate an air of freshness, change and curiosity about everything and everyone.

You are here to create the future you want to see. Keep looking forward, keep pushing the boundaries, keep doing things in your own way, but remember that even in your radical differences, you are not alone, you are part of humankind. So be kind, connect at an emotional level, even if that feels like a stretch. This will make your ability to create change so much easier.

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