Episode 55: 1 Year Anniversary Episode – What we learned in one year around the sun

by | Feb 14, 2021

It’s The Savvy Luminary Podcast episode’s one year anniversary! Happy solar return to us! In this episode, I invite my right hand man, Jeff Campanero to discuss our goals, process, learnings, impact and future of this humble little podcast. Little did we know that the party we had to celebrate the launch of this podcast in February 2020 would be the last social gathering. But the year in lockdown has its silver linings and results we couldn’t have predicted. Have a listen to all that we discovered in committing to a year of delivering weekly episodes on astrology for entrepreneurs in this special episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our initial goals in starting a podcast
  • Committing to weekly episodes
  • Our process and how we repurpose a boatload of content
  • What we learned
  • The impact The Savvy Luminary created
  • Future plans for the next solar revolution
  • Astrology of the week of 2/14/2021

By the Numbers

  • 55 Episodes with 2 Bonus Episodes
  • 12k Downloads as of February 11, 2021
  • 11 Guests on our Podcast
  • International Reach, listeners from Asia, Europe, Australia, and so much more

What we desired when starting the podcast

  • Wanting to get the word out about Astrology for Business
  • Expand visibility to a wider global audience
  • Help promote my business and offerings
  • Share the voices of other spiritual entrepreneurs and their brand journey

Our Process

Over the last year, we created so much content and almost 95% of that gets used for the podcast which then we create close to 20 different deliverables for each episode.

  • Podcast Episode
  • Youtube Video
  • Social Media Post + Graphics (Instagram, Facebook Group, Pinterest)
  • Astrology Graphics
  • Blog posts
  • Monthly Workshops + Worksheets

Top 10 Episodes

Special Thank You

We would also like to thank these luminaries for leaving a message in this weeks episode.

Astrology of the Week

Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter

2/14/2021 | 1:40 PM

Rethink your spiritual evolution and business growth

How does your spiritual entrepreneurship help expand humanity’s evolution and who will you partner with?

Great day to resend a message or promotion, too, to get it out into the wider world.

Happy Valentines Day. Today is so much more than romance and love. It’s a day about expanding your thoughts and calling into action your aligned partners with a shared vision of the future.

Today, Mercury moving backwards touches upon expansive visionary Jupiter and still so close to Venus. There is a spiritual essence to your messaging and vision today. Your belief about what is possible in expansion is gaining clarity.

If you have something to repeat so that you can further your message or help clarify your beliefs in your business and communities, today would be a good day to say it again. Resend that email, repost that inspirational story, retell how you are here to serve. Re-call in your aligned partners to help expand this shared vision of the future.

If you need more insight, look to Aquarius 13° where these two energies meet today. The house that contains this point and any natal planets you have around 13° of fixed or air signs want to add their voice and vision.

Saturn square Uranus

2/17/2021 | 11:08 AM
Breaking down structures to evolve

What structures are no longer sustainable and are breaking down?

You’ve been feeling this build up for a month now, the feeling that something needs to break. Or maybe something has already broken.

Today we have the first exact meetings of Saturn squaring off with Uranus, the central theme of of your year.

While it doesn’t feel comfortable, this tension is a necessary part to innovate.

The first meeting of these two outer slow moving energies is a breakdown.

  • What is or has fallen apart?
  • What needs to break so we can build new?

Now is the time to see all the pieces that are disassembled.

In June you’ll be super clear on what pieces you will retain, repair or recycle.

For now, notice and learn to find peace within as you can’t control outside forces.

Notice in your life and business your boundaries, structures and systems start to feel at the brink.

In our businesses we can feel this as the need to simplify. To focus on the things that will make the biggest impact and to work in a way that feels sustainable. We are all past the need to hustle.

Know that innovation is coming and it will be more circular, effective and sustainalbe, we need this!

Collectively notice the social issues that still need just solutions or the environment that needs restoration. We all need to do our part.

In 2021 we get to choose how we repair the system to make it equitable.

Sun enters Pisces

2/18/2021 | 2:44 AM

Season for connectivity and compassion

How can you bring in more ease into your business?

A season to connect to your Divine to make things easier.

Things are starting to feel a bit less heavy and if you haven’t already started on your New Year (even though we are already a few weeks in) you’re beginning to feel like you can begin to come out now. With Pisces season, it’s all about bringing in ease and flow. How can we work with our divine or Highest Selves? How can we feel into our work and make intuitive business decisions? How can we access our deepest knowing through Piscean efforts like dreaming, imagination, music, imagery, poetry? There is nothing logical about Pisces, so how do you go with the flow this season?

Mercury Rx Stations Direct 11°


Communications and thoughts pause to intensify

What is now clear about what you think about the future?

A great day to clear your calendar to make space.

We are almost done with our first Mercury Retrograde cycle. In a few days Mercury will shift gears and go forward. Before moving forward, Mercury Mercury appears to come to a stop and as it stalls Mercury will sit on this one area of the chart. This day can feel overwhelming. Like you can’t organize your thoughts. But there is clarity when you slow down. It’s ok to clear your mind to let the important visions trickle in. You do know. Give yourself the space to receive this information.

Do note, you don’t want to be rushing from place to place (not that there is anywhere to go right now). If you have to get in a car, or commute, pad your travel time.

And of course, prepare for technical glitches.

If you have any natal energies at Aquarius, Fixed signs or Airs signs of 11° you will feel this intensity more.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

2Q Moon Gemini 1°21

2/19/2021 | 10:47 AM
Act and create dialog

What is one thing you can communicate today that will take action on your intention?

You may have changed your mind with something, and that’s ok. What needs to be communicated now that you have seen things in a different light? What action can you take that supports bringing in this new intention?

Venus square Mars

2/19/2021 | 3:04 PM
Creativity is in the challenge

How are your passionate values stirring up fuel for change?

For a bit more than a day, your passion runs high but there is creative tension. If you can play with that edge, exploring the square between your values and motivations. There may be experiences that are preventing you from initiating, or even people that are creating conflict. Move towards that hard place, because that’s where the creativity is ready to take action.

If you know your chart, look to your Fixed signs at 22° as Venus in Aquarius 22° squares with Mars in Taurus 22°. Your natal energies at around 22° of fixed signs will add to your powerful, can’t-stop, creative problem solving.

Mercury direct 11°

2/20/2021 | 4:52 PM
Thoughts are free to flow

What complete clarity do you now have about the future of your business and the way you are meant to deliver social impact?

Mercury Rx is now over, Mercury is moving forward slowly at first. You can begin putting your plans in place.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

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