Episode 51: Neptune – The Process to Blend and Unify

by | Sep 17, 2023

In this weeks podcast, I want to talk about illusive Neptune. Neptune is starting a face-off with the Sun, telling us that it’s the midway point of their retrograde phase. A full moon between the sun and Neptune illuminating our Neptunian planetary medicine. Neptune is one of those energies that if you try to understand it or grasp it, the meaning slips between your fingers. Instead Neptune wants you to feel interconnected with everything, everyone at all times as a droplet in a water color blended brush stroke. Whatever Neptune touches, it tends to create both confusion and imagination. But thats its gift to raise us out of the mundane.

Neptune Astrological Meaning

Neptune is the co-ruler of Pisces. Neptune’s primary process is to blend, envelop, interconnect, empathize and transference. We all need Neptune to be able to transcend.

To bring that inner healing to Neptune, we need to understand its transit significance of confronting and revolutionizing your need for freedom of self expression, and change without going back.

This is Neptune.

Neptune Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Regenerates
  • Shame
  • Taboo
  • Death/Rebirth
  • Elimination
  • Detoxification
  • Purification
  • Phobia
  • Obsessive
  • Manipulation
  • Secrets

Neptune’s Outer Expression Process

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Empower
  • Power
  • Share power
  • Complete transformation
  • Reveal truths
  • Reveal secrets
  • Deep analysis
  • Impact
  • Intensify

Want to learn more about the Outer Planetary Processes?

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