Celebrating International Podcast Day

by Leslie Tagorda

Exactly 2 years ago, I had the seed of an idea. I wanted to share globally how entrepreneurs and visionary leaders could harness astrology in practical ways in their work.

I had the desire to speak directly into people’s hearts, to show up consistently, like a dependable best friend.

…To guide others to work easier in their businesses by working in flow with their unique natal star-powered energy.

…To share how to work with instead of against the daily cosmic climate.

I had a desire to commit to a podcast, one that would grow organically, yet surely.

…To reach those that have a curiosity in using astrology in their businesses.

…To reach those that sought star wisdom in a positive empowering way. .

…To reach those that knew that wanted to work in flow with the cosmos.

Today, The Savvy Luminary podcast, 19 months old, creates 2 episodes a week for a total of 117 episodes, reaching listeners in 43 countries from the United States to Uganda.

Thank you.

To you, that listens weekly to be guided by the stars.

To you, that have shared or reviewed my podcast that allows more people to discover the power of astrology in their businesses.

To you, 25 guests that have graciously shared their STAR powers with how they’ve overcome challenges and transformed their wounds into wisdom in their business and visibility.

And to listeners yet to come, that will help me serve many many more people.

Thank you. I’m honored to have commited to this medium of showing up intimately in people’s ears as they go about on their morning walks, or making meals, or getting from place to place.

It’s my honor to serve and I stand committed to bringing more inspiration and aspiration to how you can work the power of the stars in your business.

Check out the top 10 all time episodes.

Links to top 10, guest episodes and more on my website. Link in bio.

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